Amnesia Haze Feminized

Amnesia Haze Feminized


Amnesia Haze is a marijuana cross strain from several areas. Its origin traces back to Jamaican, South Asian, Hawaiian, Afghani, and Thai landrace strains. This rich, flavorful cannabis is a winner of the Sativa Cup and the Cannabis Cup. Today, it’s a very popular strain found in Amsterdam coffee shops.

Also referred to as a “funky hybrid,” Amnesia Haze is the epitome of a happy high. It’s a combination of the following parent strains of cannabis:

  • Thai Sativa
  • Amnesia Haze Indica
  • Hawaiian Sativa
  • Jamaican Sativa
  • South Asian Indica
  • Cambodian Sativa
  • Haze Sativa

Price: $99

Amnesia Haze Feminized Strain

Plant Type Amnesia Haze Feminized
Climate Indoors | Mediterranean
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 21 to 25 oz per 3x3ft
Flowering Period 9 weeks
THC Up to 21%

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