Banana Kush Cannabis Seeds

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush has the traditional sweet skunky taste and due to its heavy-bodied effects is a good example of the OG strains and the deep euphoria it causes. This hybrid smells like a bunch of freshly harvested bananas, and is a clear indication of the pleasant high ahead.

This quality bud is very powerful, so it is recommended that inexperienced smokers treat this specific strain with care, as its results will come in fast. Banana Kush has a remarkable potential to calm that can allow you to zone out and wander off into vibrant daydreams and encourage you to come up with fresh and innovative thoughts.

Price: $135

Information About the Banana Kush Strain

Plant Type Banana Kush
Cultivation Indoors | Outdoors
Plant Height Average
Average Yield 21oz/ plant
Flowering Period 8 - 9 weeks
THC High

Banana Kush is a 60% Sativa, 40% Indica hybrid strain that comes fresh out of California with a chilled out happy vibe that can be felt all over the body. Expect THC levels of up to 27% when consuming this cannabis strain, making it one of the most potent strains available. Get all that west coast goodness in your mouth with the smell of delicious bananas, a mellow buzz that’s been known to help with creativity and a euphoric body buzz.

It’s good to note that with THC levels being so high, it might be one for seasoned cannabis consumers. This strain provided an uplifting feeling all over but can sometimes produce drowsiness, so beginners may want to sit this one out.

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