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Read our guide on the best Indica strains that can be cultivated in Australia.

It wasn’t long ago that few could name the two main types of cannabis: Sativa and Indica. Today it has become commonplace, meaning that the knowledge that marks one as an aficionado has become more detailed.

Anyone who has visited a Cannabis dispensary knows there’s considerable overlap between the two, both in effect and in their actual genetics, but there are generalizable differences. Sativa’s effect is cerebral and an “upper”; ingesting it before bedtime might leave you staring at the ceiling at 3AM wondering why no one on the Titanic thought to try disembarking passengers and crew onto the iceberg.

Indica provides more of the classic marijuana effect: euphoric relaxation and whole-body calm. You’ll sleep like a baby, maybe even while still awake. Here are our ten favorite “Indica-dominant” strains:


Super Skunk

This Cannabis strains name is apt; the scent is skunky, strong, and yet delightful. Have you been under tress? The Super Skunk will chill you out. Have an ache? The Skunk will soothe you. It’ll even calm the stormy seas of your upset stomach. Yet, there’s a well-placed Sativa streak (20%) that enhances the visionary aspect of the mind.

It’s also easy to grow in almost any climate and yields 18 oz. per square meter and 21 oz. per plant, with flowers packing a 20% THC content.

girl scout cookies

Girl Scout Cookies

Girl Scout Cookies are sweet…and so is Girl Scout Cookies. Unlike the former, the latter also has a potent 21% THC content in its flowers. Like any 80%/20% Indica/Sativa, its cool, calm body high is complemented by a real kick to your mental energy. Physically, its effect is especially euphoric. You’ll find yourself speaking profundities – but slowly.

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It, too, can be grown almost anywhere, but it favors an easy-going Mediterranean climate. Girl Scout Cookies also yield 21 oz. per plant, both indoors and outdoors, and is highly resistant to both disease and parasites. Its wonderful scent only adds to the pleasure.


Grandaddy Purple

Now we move to one of the 100% Indica strains. Its grapey taste and scent are a delicious complement to its beautiful purple leaves. Grandaddy Purple’s bouquet also has a piney accent that gives it a delightful complexity.

At a whopping 0% Sativa to go with its popping 23% THC content, this Cannabis would seem to be just the one that would send you into a euphoric coma at first content. Yet, it does manage to leave you just awake to enjoy the ride. That ride will be wonderful and relaxing all the way into the bone marrow.

Grandaddy Purple has a dislike for heat and humidity but is somewhat easier to grow outdoors than indoors and has the advantage of being a particularly beautiful plant. Each one yields 14 to 17 oz.

Northern Light Strain

Northern Lights

Northern Lights Strain is a lovely, brightly colorful flower, hence its name. Its taste is as sweet as its appearance promises, with just enough of a spicey accent. This Cannabis will knock you out but it has 0% Sativa genetics, so quite likely your dreams will be sweetly psychedelic. This Cannabis also has an 18% THC content.

Northern Lights prefers sunny, warm outdoors living, where it yields 22 oz. of flower per plant, but it’s also notably easy to grow even indoors. Indoors, its yield will however dip to 18 oz. flower per plant.


Skywalker OG

With its 26% THC content, Skywalker OG is one of the most powerful marijuana strains of any type. Fortunately, its genetics are also 20% Sativa. Instead of knocking you unconscious at the first whiff it’ll give you a boost of mental energy that’ll leave you feeling strong in the Force. Skywalker OG is also gorgeous, with green, blue, and purple buds that suggest sunrise in the deep woods after a rainy night.

This isn’t a strain for rookie growers. It takes a seasoned hand to take this from seed to mature plant. Skywalker OG is also known to flourish only outdoors, and despite its “rainswept woods” feel it is prone to mildew and strongly favors dry air. Its yield ranges from 14 17 oz. per square meter.


Afghan is one of the classic Indica strains in the world. Known for its resins, it is the main source for Afghan hash. With 0% Sativa and 20% THC content it ought to send its fans straight to slumberland, but somehow it manages to deliver a cozy, euphoric relaxation.

Afghan is also known to be able to grow in almost any circumstance. It doesn’t require much attention and is notably rugged when faced with a harsh enviroment. It grows well indoors, too, producing about a 14 oz. per square inch yield.


Blackberry Kush

Blackberry Kush is one of the loveliest marijuana strains. Even its smoke partakes of the scent of sweet, growing berries, and its purple leaves and buds make it legendary among aficionados. With 20% Sativa genetics, Blackberry Kush gives a strong but gentle mental lift, elevating ts user’s mood and thoughts while offering deep body relaxation. With a 20% THC content, it delivers it with real punch.

This strain is best grown indoors, and by an experienced grower. It takes well to neither parasites nor bad weather, and even indoors it needs regular pruning.

Blueberry CBD Strain


Blueberry is one of the best-known and broadly loved Cannabis strains. With 20% Sativa genetics it imparts a wonderful, spirit-lifting mood. With a 16% THC content it offers long hours of pleasure and is uniquely sociable. Blueberry takes you there, but it lets you take your sweet time enjoying the journey.

Blueberry isn’t just a beautiful plant, it’s a productive one, yielding as much as 25 oz. It can be tricky to grow, however, requiring a practiced hand.


Cherry Pie

Cherry Pie has a wonderful taste and carries the fresh-baked pie scent that earned its name. It is one of the most beloved of all marijuana strains. It’s also highly potent, with a 23% THC content that belies its sweet flavor. All the while, its 20% Sativa genetics sends the mind soarng.

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Growing Cherry Pie can be somewhat challenging. It responds well to both indoor and outdoor environments, but requires regular pruning and is highly susceptible to hermaphroditism and self-pollination, requiring a lot of attention and care to avoid getting seeded plants.

For all this work, Cherry Pie also provides only a low-moderate yield of 16 oz. per square meter. Outdoor plants only produce 14 oz. per plant. It offers a moderate to low yield, with outdoor plants producing up to 14 ounces per plant and indoor grows producing up to 16 ounces per square meter.

Blue Automazar Strain

Blue Cheese

Blue Cheese provides a 2% CBD content alongsde its 19% THC content. Its name was inspired by the striking scent that is creamy and savory at once, but with a fruity accent. Its 20% Sativa inspires mental stimulation.

Blue Cheese isn’t at all difficult to grow, either indoors or outdoors, though its yield is only 8 oz. per plantoutdoors and a scant 5 oz. per plant indoors.

If you have a favorite strain we didn’t mention, drop us a line!

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