The Best Cannabis Seed Banks Globally

best seed banks in australia

Are you in the market to buy marijuana seeds in Australia or other regions around the world? Whether you’re an experienced grower looking to boost the genetics of your current plant or a newbie grower hoping to grow cannabis seeds of the highest quality for the first time, you need to make sure you’re choosing the best seed banks that will protect your privacy so you won’t get ripped off. 

Save yourself the hassle — here are the top 10 best cannabis seed banks..

1) Mediseed Man

Best Seed Bank – Mediseed Man

Founded in 2019, this quality seed bank entered into the industry in 2020 with the backing of some of the most well renowned breeders around the world. Although you may not know them by name you will come to know them by quality.

They sell a wide variety of cannabis seeds, including high CBD strains, feminised, and autoflowering seeds.  They offer Germination Guarantee and Free damage replacement. They are one of the best seed banks for a reason — Mediseed Man subjects their seeds they offer to a strict pre-shipment inspection process to ensure only the best is ultimately chosen by the breeders.

They do this by having a close relationship with high expert seed breeders that help produce some high-quality, creative, successful cultivars that demonstrate an in-depth knowledge of the genetic features of the plant.

Mediseed Man accepts, bank transfers, cash option,  bitcoin payments and provides “free stealth shipping” for all orders Australia wide.

3) Herbies Head Shop

Herbies are a dedicated group of experts who have been conducting and promoting cannabis research for over a decade. Their primary goal is to provide accessible and accurate information about hemp and cannabis, as well as their untapped potential for improving human lives. Herbies believe that their work hastens the positive shift in global acceptance of the plant, which will undoubtedly lead to greater involvement in the fields of industry, medicine, and wellness.

Herbies strives to spread accurate and unbiased information about cannabis, hemp, and the undeniable benefits that their compounds such as THC, CBD, and terpenes provide to human life quality. Herbies will continue to educate customers about hemp and cannabis cultivation while also making  products available. In doing so, they hope to bring closer the day when locally grown, organically grown hemp and cannabis, as well as products derived from them, will no longer be a privilege of a few countries.

Herbies’ cannabis seeds are everything you want in a weed seed: viable, vigourous, and fast, with a high cannabinoid content and yield potential. Our online consultants are always available to assist you in selecting the best seed bank or strain for your needs. Their assistance doesn’t end there – once you’ve ordered your marijuana seeds, you can read their collection of articles on the art of marijuana cultivation and ask any questions that may arise during your grow. they will respond to all of them. So, if you’re wondering where to buy weed seeds, look no further than Herbies!

4) Crop King Seeds

Operating from Vancouver since the mid-2000s, Crop King Seeds ( one of the best seed banks ) (CKS) offers more than 30 in-house strain varieties that have been cultivated over time with at least 80 percent germination rate guarantee. Like most higher-end seed banks, they market CBD strains, medicinal types, and feminized, regular, and autoflowering seeds. 

CKS ships in “stealth” packaging worldwide. Another great thing about this source is that you can use Bitcoin to make your purchase! They’ll even replace your order for free if it doesn’t arrive, or if you don’t like what you received. They are also among the few seed banks and businesses that don’t save your payment information.

5) I Love Growing Marijuana

One of the most reliable online sources for cannabis seed and the center for expert growing knowledge since 2012, I Love Growing Marijuana (ILGM) is our top choice for the best online seed bank in Australia.

Operated by Robert Bergman, a veteran grower with over 25 years of growing experience in the Netherlands, ILGM has been successfully stealth shipping cannabis seeds worldwide, including Australia, with an impressive distribution of prolific strains, offering feminized, fast flowering, autoflowering strains, and regular strains.

At ILGM, you’ll find all the classics such as Bergman’s Gold Leaf, White Widow, Trainwreck, OG Kush, Purple Haze, Durban Poison, Jack Herer, and many more.

Not only does ILGM promise that your seeds will germinate if you follow their guide (and the fact that you get your money back if they don’t), you won’t be disappointed upon ordering when you realize just how superior their cannabis strains are compared to other seed banks.

And even if you’re a newbie, don’t worry. ILGM has an entire selection of guides and strain databases with hundreds of pages, an active forum for expert advice, and a free ILGM Grow Bible that will surely help you grow successfully. 

Another great thing about ILGM is its outstanding customer service.

If you want a seed bank that invests substantial time and energy into responding to customers online and otherwise, ILGM is your best bet.

Accepted payment methods include Bitcoin, cash, Debit and Credit card, or Bank Wire.

6) My Fast Buds

Fast Buds autoflowering cannabis seed bank is the culmination of many years of research and the highest breeding standards that have been perfected over time. Fast Buds’ autoflowering strains were scientifically selected through a high-standard breeding process, resulting in a collection of top-tier autoflowering cannabis seeds.

Their genetics are a reflection of hard work and dedication to the global cannabis community; they have been carefully bred to ensure growers get the best of both worlds. their cannabis auto seed bank provides high-yielding resilient cannabis plants that produce top-shelf buds while retaining the autoflowering trait, allowing you to grow all year long and in less than 9 weeks from seed to harvest.

Fast Buds is a forward-thinking autoflower breeder and the creator of one of the world’s finest autoflowering cannabis seed banks. their main goal is to produce the best autoflowers possible, which they do with passion and dedication. We are proud of our diverse and multicultural team, which is dedicated to ensuring that you can buy autoflowering cannabis seeds of the highest quality, with shipping available all over the world. Don’t worry if your country isn’t listed among the shipping options; they have over 840 cannabis seed distributors worldwide.

7) Nirvana Seedbank

Nirvana Seed bank caters to a wide range of regular, feminized, autoflowering seeds, and indoor and outdoor varieties. They have about 40 different affordable strains available, including many popular strains such as Northern Lights, OG Kush, White Widow, Girl Scout Cookies, and more. 

Like ILGM, this Amsterdam seed bank has a reputation for being extremely beginner-friendly and generous with their sales and promotions — sometimes toss free seeds when you order. Their website is also easy to access and provides detailed information for every strain

8) Ministry of Cannabis

Located in Barcelona, Spain, Ministry of Cannabis seed bank has only 20 feminized, autoflowering, and mixed seed packages, but they have an excellent reputation in the business and a unique breeding method that gives them impressive results time after time.

This Spanish seed bank participates in 420-related events all over the world where you can see their faces and engage with them in person. That personal touch adds another layer of confidence when you buy from them.

They also offer free worldwide stealth shipping for orders above €75 and a variety of payment options such as Bitcoin, Mastercard, Visa, bank transfer, or Moneygram.

9) MSNL Seedbank

Established in 1999, this trusted source in the Netherlands sells more than 200 strains, including various medicinal and high-yield, high-strength strains, and stands out for its high germination rate of around 90%. This is because they make sure to inspect all MSNL seeds to prevent the perennial issue of damaged seeds and allow this high success rate.

MSNL Seedbank provides “guaranteed stealth” shipping globally within 25 days or less, from £5.95 to £16.95. For international orders over £55, you pay £4.95 for stealth and £10.95 for guaranteed stealth shipping, with rates dropping for every additional £50 until all shipping options are free, everywhere in the world, for orders over £250. Payment methods include Bitcoin, cash, Debit & Credit Card, Bank Wire, and Money order.

Check out MSNL’s rewards program too! — get three points for every £1 you spend, and these points apply to future orders for discounts. Points will never expire and stack up enough to pay for full orders. Other deals and discounts appear on the site regularly, and sale prices can often take 30 to 50 percent off your total.

10) SeedSupreme Seedbank

With over 4,000 different seed types representing thousands of varieties, SeedSupreme Seedbank is among one of the best-stocked seed banks based in England since 2013, offering landrace strains, high CBD and high THC strains, regular, autoflowering, and feminized seeds, and more. Some of their famous seed varieties include Blackberry Kush, Expert Gorilla, Gorilla Glue, OG Kush, so on.

Take advantage of their exclusive customer loyalty program — purchase any SeedSupreme products and get “kush” bucks that you can use for future shopping as well as free seeds. Do take note that they might ship the closest genetic relative of the seeds you selected if they’re out of stock, so make sure you’re okay with it before ordering. Accepted Payments include Bitcoin, MasterCard, Visa, and Cash Payments.

Why Should I Buy Marijuana Seeds From a Trusted Seed Bank?

There are many reasons why you should buy Marijuana seeds only from a trusted and well-known seed bank. Apart from the convenience of buying pot seeds online, ordering is also safe, secure, and discreet. Most seed banks are experts when it comes to storing marijuana seeds, so you can be confident the seeds will germinate if the correct process is used and followed. 

Just deal with a reliable seed bank, and rest assured that you will receive seeds in stealth packaging and securely shipped to your preferred address. The internet is full of scams, so to avoid getting ripped off, it is best to buy Marijuana seeds from a legitimate source only.

With these top reliable seed banks on the list, you can guarantee that buying marijuana seeds online will be as smooth and painless as possible!