Black Widow Feminized

Black Widow Feminized


The name ‘Black Widow’ has been used many times throughout history to describe famous people. It has been used to describe everyone from sports legends to superheroes and husband killers. But, when it comes to the cannabis community, Black Widow seeds refers to a hybrid as powerful as the deadly, venomous spider after which it was named.

Even with such a deadly name, this hybrid weed strain is a favorite among many savvy smokers. Originally known by an entirely different name, it is incredibly potent. Its euphoria is guaranteed to transform your cranky mood and leave you feeling jolly. Prepare for the emotional boost and cerebral high delivered by the black widow strain.

Black widow is a very potent strain of cannabis with between 15% to 28% THC contents. It comes with some effective medicinal properties while offering a decent level of CBD.

Price: $109

Black Widow Feminized Strain

Plant Type Black Widow Feminized
Climate Indoors | Steppe | Mediterranean | Continental | Mold Resistant
Plant Height Average
Average Yield 14 oz per 3x3ft
Flowering Period 8 weeks
THC Up to 25%

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