I Love Growing Marijuana ILGM Coupon Codes

ILGM Coupon Codes

ILoveGrowingMarijuana, ILGM for short, is an online cannabis seed distributor by Robert Bergman. Only two kinds of seeds make it to the sales list here; automatic seeds, great for year-round grows, and feminized seeds, which guarantees a crop from pollination. Whatever your seeds preference, ILGM has them available and there are ILGM discount codes. ILGM … Read more

Feminized Seed Variety Pack

Before You purchase marijuana seeds, you should decide if you need feminized or non-feminized seeds. Feminized seeds produce female marijuana plants for dry herb smoking, while non-feminized sources are those that their gender is not yet determined. It would help if you planted feminized seeds because they are the ones that produce smokable buds. The … Read more

Nutrient Deficiencies in Marijuana Plants

Nutrient Deficiency in Marijuana Plants

Just like human beings, cannabis plants require varied and healthy diets to survive, thrive, and put out high yields. They need the appropriate host of nutrients, essential ones being nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. If they miss one of these, their growth will deteriorate, and yields will be negatively affected or what’s called cannabis nutrient deficiencies. … Read more

Guide To Growing Weed In Winter Australia

Guide To Growing Weed In Winter Australia

Growing cannabis during an Australian winter is possible provided your indoor growing operation is maintained under the right conditions. Understanding even indoor cannabis is affected by the elements is important. Issues with light and humidity can result from the dry, crisp air and decreasing temperatures. To be successful, your crops will require a little more … Read more

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Australian Capital Territory

Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Australian Capital Territory

Now that it’s legal to grow cannabis in the Capital Territory, there’s never been a better time to stock up on seeds and start cultivating your own cannabis crop. Whether you’re looking for a classic strain or something more adventurous, there are hundreds of strains available online. You could smoke a new strain every day … Read more

Outdoor Grow Calendar Australia

Outdoor Grow Calendar Australia

Growing of weed outdoor is associated with multiple benefits like avoiding criminal penalties, quantity and quality yields, as well as a cut down on equipment expenses. Every weed grower should consider growing outdoor marijuana. With the help of the outdoor grow calendar, the process will be made more comfortable and fun. The calendar will simply … Read more

What’s The Best Soil For Growing Cannabis? – A Beginner’s Guide To Soil Types, Nutrients, and pH


In addition to light and water, soil is one of the essential components for growing great ganja. Unless you’re growing hydroponically, you’ll need to invest in nutrient-dense soil to support your cannabis seeds at every stage of development. Going with the wrong soil consistency could result in severely diminished yields and might contribute to nutrient … Read more

Coupon Codes for Cannabis Seeds: Score Great Deals!

Coupon Codes for Cannabis Seeds

It’s no secret that getting legitimate coupon codes for cannabis seeds is always a daunting task. Worry less, for we’ve got you covered. Here, you’ll get the best coupon codes for seeds and marijuana seeds discounts for the ultimate online seed banks. If you’re not only looking for the best bomb cannabis seeds but also … Read more

Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Australia


Consumption of cannabis has been on the rise for the past decade. The rise is attributed to the increase of legislation on the growing and using cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Likewise, various researches have been initiated to boost the quality of respective cannabis species. In South Australia, there are three primary species … Read more