Brisbane Cannabis Seeds

The quality of your cannabis seeds will determine the quality of your plant. If you are looking for the best cannabis seeds in Brisbane, there are a few things you need to know before hitting the market.

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Are Cannabis Seeds Legal In Brisbane?

Medical cannabis has been legal around Australia since 2016, but with several limitations, which means that patients are allowed to access and possess the plant, provided they are using it for medical benefits.

But what medical benefits does cannabis have for the patients? It can be used to reduce stress and anxiety in patients because of its relaxing effects. It is also a powerful sedative, and it has properties of mood-boosting.

Not only does it soothe a stressed mind but also a tired body. These benefits of cannabis are associated with its chemical compounds, mostly CBD and THC. These compounds interact with the brain and affect receptors responsible for functions like mood, sleep, memory, and hunger.

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How To Buy Cannabis Seeds In Brisbane

To get the best quality cannabis seeds in Brisbane, you can order them online from seed banks or sites like Marijuana seeds Australia.

We have the highest-quality of fast-growing cannabis seeds with stabilized and proven genetics. We also ensure that we ship directly to you using the very best shipping methods.

You can also order from other sites outside Australia that will import the seeds for you or visit local vendors.

To ensure that your vendor is legit, you need to visit their website and examine how legit it looks, contact the vendors, and ask for their references or read reviews.

How To Ensure You Get The Best Quality Seeds

With the market for cannabis seeds growing fast, there are more chances of getting low-quality seeds or seeds that will not germinate at all. There are few things you need to look out for to ensure that you get the best quality of seeds.

Color and appearance

The mature and healthy teeth are brown, gray, black, or tan, unlike the immature ones that have light colors like pale green, yellow or white. You might also notice some stripe patterns or darks spots on the surface.

You should also look out for a thin waxy coating around the seeds that appears to have a sheen to them when you hold it under the light

Shape and size

High-quality seeds should be large with a symmetrical tear-drop or round shape, unlike low-quality immature seeds that are usually small and have irregular shapes.


A good quality cannabis shell should have a hard shell, which you may be able to lightly squeeze, but it should not crack. The surface should also be smooth and without cracks or wrinkles. Wrinkled and cracked seeds are probably dead, weak, or overstayed.

Floating test

This is probably the best way to differentiate between quality and weak seeds. Fill a cup with warm water and soak the seeds for two hours. If they sink, they are of good quality and matured, but if they float, they are probably dead or pre-matured.

This test should only be done when and if you are ready to germinate the seeds; otherwise, you will damage them with the water.

How to germinate your cannabis seeds

There are two ways you could germinate your seeds. The first one is simply planting the seeds in the soil about ¼ inches deep and wait for them to sprout. The method is the simplest and the commonly used.

The other method is placing the seeds on damp paper towels. The towels should not be soaking wet. Leave the paper towel and your seeds in a dark place and keep checking to see if the towels dry out, after which you can add a few drops of water.

The average time the seeds will take to sprout is two days, but that may vary from seed to seed, and some may take longer. Once they germinate, it’s time to transfer them to the soil.

How To Differentiate Between A Male And A Female Seed

Unfortunately, no test or appearance difference can help you identify the seed on sight. However, you can reduce the chance of buying male seeds by buying from reputable seed banks that have their seeds labeled as feminized.

How To Properly Store My Cannabis Seeds

Your cannabis seeds can expire or go bad, but with the proper storage, they can last for months, even years. UV degradation, moisture, and extreme temperatures can affect the quality of your seeds. A lot of humidity and light can result in premature germination.

To properly store your seeds, have them in an airtight container and place them in a dark, cool, and dry place. If possible, keep them in their original packaging.

You can also refrigerate your seeds, but make sure they are far back in the refrigerator such that they won’t be affected when you open the door. Also, do not take them out until it’s time to germinate them.