Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in the Northern Territory

There’s no shortage of cannabis seeds on the market, with online retailers offering hundreds of seeds that produce beautiful plants with varying THC and CBD levels. If you’re a new grower, you’re probably looking for a retailer that ships your seeds in discrete packaging and ensures that they’ll arrive safely–seeds don’t come cheap, after all! The start-up costs might be a little pricey, but when you work with a reputable seller, you’ll be saving money by producing high-quality cannabis at home that you can enjoy all year round. No more buying sketchy products or making last-minute trips to the dispensary: you’re in control now.

Is It Legal to Is it Legal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in Northern Territory?

Until recent years, cannabis was illegal across the entire continent of Australia. In 2016, medical marijuana was legalized country-wide, but you need a prescription from a licensed medical doctor to obtain it. Medical marijuana might be prescribed to treat certain conditions like seizures, glaucoma, and nausea, and loss of appetite caused by cancer treatments. According to medical marijuana laws in Australia, patients who are prescribed medical marijuana can pick it up only at licensed dispensaries–they can’t grow it themselves or buy it from friends.


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At the time of writing this, growing, possessing, and selling non-medical cannabis is illegal in the Northern Territory. People who are charged with cannabis-related crimes will have to pay at least one penalty unit in NT. One penalty unit equals a fine of ASD$155. The penalty units can be paid at the Fines Recovery Unit in Darwin. Marijuana laws are always changing, so it’s always possible that recreational marijuana could be legalized in the future.

Growing marijuana might be illegal, but buying and possessing marijuana seeds is perfectly legal as long as they aren’t germinated. Cannabis seeds are classified as a “novelty item,” so you can buy as many seeds as you like and store them in a safe, dry location until they’re ready to be used.

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Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

I Love Growing Marijuana ships to Australia, as well as the United States and New Zealand. If your purchase is less than $150, you’ll pay a $25 shipping free. And if your purchase is over $150, your shipping is free! ILGM takes your privacy and security seriously and ships their seeds in discrete packaging that won’t draw attention from outsiders. It’s unlikely that your order will be stopped at customs, but if it does happen, ILGM will send you another set of seeds for free. ILGM also offers a “germination guarantee,” meaning that if your seeds don’t germinate after you followed the exact instructions, they’ll send you a replacement set at no cost to you.

Top Cannabis Seeds in Northern Territory

Here it is: the top cannabis seeds in the Northern Territory! These seeds are so popular in the NT that most seed banks that ship to Australia can barely keep them in stock. To place an order from ILGM, simply choose your desired quantity and click “Buy Now.” Once you head to the checkout section, you’ll enter your billing and shipping information. ILGM will have your seeds in the mail as soon as possible, and you’ll receive your package within two or three weeks.

#1 Bruce Banner


If the name sounds familiar, it’s because you expect a sudden blast of euphoria that sweeps you off your feet, like a direct hit from the Hulk himself. Bruce Banner is not recommended for new smokers. This strain is characterized by an intense burst of happiness that can be overwhelming for inexperienced users. If you’re a veteran smoker, you’ll enjoy the feelings of happiness and contentment that can punch through years of built-up tolerance.

#2 Auto Mandarin Feminized

Auto Mandarine Strain

Unlike other strains, which might leave you feeling cloudy and sluggish, Auto Mandarin clears your mind and leaves you feeling focused and energized. These popular Northern Territory weed plants make you feel happy and content, while also making it easier for you to complete your daily tasks. These seeds are feminized, meaning that every plant will flower and you won’t have to worry about identifying and discarding the worthless male plants.

#3 Auto Amnesia Lemon Fast Feminized


Its cross between Amnesia Haze and Lemon Skunk, Amnesia Lemon offers a relaxing high that’s perfect for collapsing on the couch at the end of the day. This strain gives you a cerebral buzz that clears out negative energies and helps you relax, despite the stressors that might be surrounding you. This strain is easy to grow and popular with new growers–particularly the autoflowering variety. It does well indoors and outdoors, and once it’s been harvested, you’ll enjoy the rich, complex tastes and aromas of this popular and easygoing strain.

The fiber in hemp seeds is an important part of digestive health and bowel regularity. People who struggle with constipation often do not have enough fiber in their diets. Hemp seeds include both insoluble and soluble fiber to provide an overall healthy supplement for the digestive system.

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