Where to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Australia

Consumption of cannabis has been on the rise for the past decade. The rise is attributed to the increase of legislation on the growing and using cannabis for both medicinal and recreational purposes. Likewise, various researches have been initiated to boost the quality of respective cannabis species. In South Australia, there are three primary species of cannabis that are commonly used among the citizenries. From the species, farmers and investors have developed hundreds of more cannabis strains, thus making it difficult for you to effectively choose what is the best or suitable for use.

Is it illegal to Buy Cannabis Seeds in South Australia?

Living in any city such as Adelaide or Mount Gambier located in Southern Australia predisposes you to the strict rules that govern the cultivation and use of marijuana. While living in Australia, the law does not provide for the consumption of marijuana for medicinal purposes with no doctor’s prescription. The state has limited consumption of marijuana to medical cases confirmed by doctors.

Nonetheless, recreational use and farming of any amount or species of marijuana are strongly prohibited by South Australia marijuana laws. Contrariwise, you can acquire any type of marijuana seed at peace with no restrictions from the governing agencies. Such seeds can be acquired from well regulated and tax compliant certified stores in the United States.

For the past decade, there have been immense regulatory changes on the cannabis laws in South Australia. The use of marijuana has been restricted to you with a medicinal prescription from a certified and registered doctor. In this regard, marijuana is indicated to serve as a drug for a corresponding ailment. Remarkable efforts have been made to make use of marijuana for recreational purposes legal. This has resulted in the decriminalization of a specified amount of marijuana.

Gone are the days when those found with marijuana would be sentenced for life in prison. Currently, South Australia cannabis laws are a bit friendly, despite, cultivation, possession, and excessive use of marijuana is illegal in South Australia. The rule of law provides that if you are found to be carrying an extra amount of marijuana, you get a fine or receive a short jail term. On the other hand, having large amounts of marijuana or a large portion of land fully covered with marijuana plants can result in long term repercussions from the law. There are several severe penalties developed to deal with such extreme cases.

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The South Australian law prohibits possession or consumption of recreational marijuana. There is only one city called Canberra that has legalized the use of recreational marijuana. The city’s governing agencies have warned against the waiver on using recreational marijuana claiming that any abuse will result in default stringent regulatory measures. Nevertheless, the rest of South Australian cities are yet to receive the green light on the use of recreational marijuana. The advances seen throughout the world are laying positive hopes for the legalization of marijuana soon.

On the other hand, the residents are not restricted from buying marijuana seeds online in Australia. The residents can acquire marijuana seeds from the best and certified seed bank from anywhere in the world. Following the restriction of recreational marijuana use, there are no seedbanks selling marijuana species in South Australia. Technological advancements have resulted in the establishment of online shops and seedbanks that sell and deliver marijuana seeds to all cities of South Australia. The souvenir seeds can be purchased from banks rather than buying seeds with cultivation intention.

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All the purchased sees should be properly stored to prevent them from decaying and germinating before the intended period. This can be achieved through the application of airtight containers that are appropriately labeled and kept in a cool dry and dark place. Storing seeds in an optimum environment ensures that the seeds stay viable for more years than when left exposed. The quality of seeds collected and stored plays a significant role in the whole process.

Can You Get Seeds Shipped to Australia?

Following zero restriction of buying and storing souvenir marijuana seeds, you may be interested in importing and subsequently storing seeds for future use. There are no restrictions on importing marijuana seeds into South Australia. Shipping seeds into Adelaide can be done within the stipulated government regulations where all the shipments are checked and certified by respective agencies to ascertain that no illegal merchandise is on the move.

What are the Top Cannabis Seeds in Australia?

If you are planning to purchase marijuana seeds for the first time, you may not be familiar with different types of seeds available in the market. Most seeds in the market are regular which depicts that they have female and male plants. In a bid to attain plants with fewer seeds and huge buds, the male counterparts should be disposed of before pollinating the female counterparts.

On the other hand, new farmers may prefer ordering feminized seeds rather than worrying about pollination between males and females. Growing feminized seeds means there is no reason to plant the male counterparts at all. Rather, the farmer can concentrate on other requirements such as ample lighting cycles in situations where the marijuana strain is planted indoors.

Furthermore, the inexperienced newbies may receive lower yields if you stick to adjusting the light cycles personally. Conversely, the adoption of auto-flowering seeds will significantly save potential yields. These seeds allow flowering in an event where lights are yet to be adjusted on time. So feminized and auto-flowering seeds make it easier for the beginner to grow quality marijuana.

While buying weed in Adelaide, various types of marijuana are being looked for. Such strains include; Auto Blueberry and Big Bud Feminized seeds, Girl Scout Cookies seeds, and Strawberry Cough feminized seeds.

Auto Blueberry Marijuana

Blueberry strain

This strain was established after crossing Big Bud and Blueberry to achieve a hybrid type that is high yielding. This type of marijuana has beautiful buds that are normally big. Farmers like it for its rapid flowering time as compared to other types of marijuana. This indica strain is well known for its minimal leaves that when consumed leaves you with a relaxation spirit.

Besides, this type has been applied in cases where the user wants to combat pain and stress. The popularity of this type of marijuana comes with its ability to supply 21% of THC content and nine to eleven weeks of flowering time.

This marijuana has unique physical characteristics such as myrtle-green fan leaves that grow from the columnal flowers. The flowers have yellow pistils and translucent trichomes. The plant grows to a height of range 30 to 100 centimeters and has 9 to 11 weeks of growth cycles. Auto Blueberry has been cited in relieving arthritis, migraines, and mild depression.

Girl Scout Cookies

girl scout cookies strain

This one of the most popular strains following its high levels of THC. This strain when consumed sends the consumer into the world of euphoria. Undoubtedly, you will experience the relaxation of the whole body. Notably, the happy mood and relaxed mood together with the ‘highness’ are expected to span throughout the day due to the strain’s smoke ability and potency. Despite, Girl Scout Cookies being resistant to both pests and molds, this strain is not recommended for in-experienced farmers.

The strain is an offspring of Durban Poison and OG Kush. Following the new legislation, Girl Scout Cookies are medically applied for treating insomnia. Besides, if you are experiencing chronic pain and aches, you can smoke Girl Scout Cookies to alleviate the pain. Otherwise, the strain’s mood-elevating functionality plays a significant role in the management of stress, episodes of depression among other symptoms of PTSD. Smoking patients suffering from Parkinson’s disease, low appetite, multiple sclerosis, and mild inflammation may receive Girl Scout Cookies as a prescription.

Notably, this type of marijuana has a smooth, mint, and cotton candy aroma that distinguishes it from the rest of the marijuana samples. On tasting, the strain has an earthy, pungent, and spicy flavor. Its THC level is 28 percent especially when grown under favorable weather conditions. Physically, the Girl Scout Cookies appears simple with a stunning light green shade that embodies purple leaves and orange hairs that make this strain unique. Furthermore, this strain grows well in a hydroponic environment, and when the favorable environment is provided within an enclosed housing, the flowering takes 9 to 10 weeks.

Strawberry Cough Fem

Strawberry Cough strain

While growing, this strain has small and highly potent buds that are normally covered in red hair and smell deliciously as strawberries. This strain is well known for its ability to offer mighty highness that leaves your nerves calm, and energetic. Novice smokers usually have a difficult time coping up with the thick smoke that comes from this strain. This type of marijuana originates from the Sativa Dominant Hybrid whose parents are Strawberry Fields cross Haze.

This strain is known for its energizing, and a steady reduction of anxiety among the users. Likewise, you may feel stimulated after five deep puffs of well-grown Strawberry Cough. The marijuana has a terpene profile that comprises of Linalool, Ocimene, and Caryophyllene. Besides, users distinctively acknowledge the earthy, herbal, sweet, and floral aroma that the mature strain embodies.

Notably, chronic consumers of Strawberry cough may experience dryness of both mouth and eyes. The product has a CBD range of 0 to 1 percent. The percentage of THC ranges from 19 to 23 percent. Physically, the strain is characterized by medium height, green leaves that appear sugary, and flowers that are forest green. The pistils are carrot orange.

Growing, selling and use of marijuana is on the rise in the world today. Various states are formulating and implementing regulations that govern marijuana use in respective regions. Precisely, South Australia is one of the regions where recreational marijuana is illegal. Medicinal marijuana is allowed under a doctor’s prescription. Nonetheless, shipping marijuana seeds into South Australia is not illegal too. Various types of marijuana are grown for various purposes.

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