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Different Strains of Marijuana

High-quality strains of marijuana will provide exceptional buds, and are easily grown. Unfortunately, some growers initially fail, and run out of patience because they purchased unsuitable indoor weed seeds. Finding the best strain for your needs is important. The most resilient strains offer you a higher potency.

You can also find seeds providing amazing yields or much faster growth. The best cannabis hybrids offer great genetics in addition to a variety of qualities appealing to growers. Indoor pot seeds should be fast and easy to grow, and provide both high yield and high potency.

Easy to Grow Strains 

Every grower wants a strain requiring less effort, time and expenses. These types of indoor weed plants are hardy, and resistant to virtually all stress.

Blue Cheese:


Blue Cheese is resistant to most stresses including under or over watering, mold and pests. You can grow this strain in small areas including grow boxes using LED lighting. Blue Cheese offers a short flowering period and high yields. This is an Indica-dominant strain with a heavy body ideal for relieving stress and pain.

Blue Dream:

Blue dream weed strain

Blue Dream is easy to grow, famous, and perfect if you are growing indoor weed for the first time. This strain will thrive despite frequent issues including powdery mildew and root rot. Blue Dream flowers within seven to nine weeks, producing a high yield. This strain is Sativa-dominant with an aroma of sweet berries.

Northern Lights:

Northern Light Strain

Northern Lights offers you a legendary effect with less odor than other varieties. This strain is easy to tend, potent, hardy, and offers plenty of buds in seven to nine weeks. Northern Lights is a pure Indica strain with a relaxing effect. The purple buds have aa appealing spicy and sweet aroma.



Papaya is an Indica-dominant hybrid growing well under stress, and flowering in eight weeks. This strain does not require much attention, with a pleasing aroma a lot like papaya.

Fast Growing Indoor Weed Seeds

Growers are interested in fast-growing seeds in the least amount of time with great buds. The flowering strains offer a fast harvest. You can gather buds from your seeds in six to nine weeks.

Auto Lemon OG Haze:


Auto Lemon OG Haze can be harvested in four weeks. This is one of the quickest growing indoor pot plants currently available, offering impressive effects on both the body and mind including a calm, deep focus. Your days will be more productive with this strain offering a citrus aroma.

Auto Sour Diesel:


This auto-flowering plant is incredibly potent, with seven to nine weeks required prior to harvest. The strong odor of diesel provides deep relaxation through a psychedelic effect. When trained and pruned, the yield is high.

Blue Automazar:

Blue Automazar is very popular for relaxation. Harvest can be completed in seven to nine weeks. This auto-flowering plant produces a high-yield.

Green Crack:


Green Crack provides an exceptional mental buzz. The flavor is fruity and tangy, resembling mangos. The pure cannabis strain is different than other Sativas due to the easy growth. The yields are decent with fast flowering time. Green Crack can only be purchased as a clone with no seed form available.

Important Tips

Prior to purchasing any of the above strains, you need to be aware they must be grown well. You will not need any specialized periods of light because theses strains flower by themselves. You will need to give you plants plenty of attention for the first few weeks due to the extremely fast growth.

You will have difficulty correcting any issues you experience early on. This can lead to low potency buds or small yields. Proper care produces more buds with a minimum of one percent CBD level.

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High Potency Weed Seeds

Certain strains provide such great strength, they have received cannabis awards. This generally leads to the strain of indoor weed becoming a best seller with a fantastic reputation. The plants with the most legendary status, and best potency are detailed below. All of these plants have won the Cannabis Cup.

Gorilla Glue #4:


Gorilla Glue #4 won the hybrid award in 2014. The strain is very popular due to the high potency. Also referred to as the GG strain, the sour and pungent earthy aroma provides exceptional relaxation and euphoria.

Jack Herer:


Jack Herer is a strain famous all over the world, created by Sensi Seeds. Jack Herer is also referred to as the champagne of strains. This indoor pot is the ideal combination of Indica and Sativa genes offering an extremely intense high and full-body relaxation. Jack Herer can be harder to tend, with average yields. Although well-suited for connoisseurs, growers interested in a high-yield are disappointed.

Sour Diesel:


Sour Diesel is an original strain offering extremely potent, long-lasting and mind-altering effects. The strain is very popular, providing a sour aroma. Just a few buds are produced because this strain stretches and thins during growth. The plant must be trained to produce a high yield. If pruned correctly, the THC content is high. Since this strain is difficult to grow, you want to consider making new versions for easier cultivation.

White Widow:

white widow strain

This authentic strain has won awards by impressing both connoisseurs and cannabis judges. Due to the happiness created by the uplifting effect, many dispensaries feature White Widow as the main attraction. This strain has been a best-seller since the 1990s for Dutch coffee shops. White Widow can be tended easily, producing indoor flowers in four weeks. The strain does not offer high yields.

High Yield Weed Seeds

A lot of growers believe the most important aspect of indoor weed seeds is the ability to deliver the largest number of buds possible. These strains will never frustrate growers during harvest.



The flavor of Cinex is between citrusy and earthy, offering you a lot of buds. The combination of Indica and Sativa is ideal for depression, pain and energy. You will enjoy this strain for the easy growth and yield, You can expect flowers in seven to nine weeks.

Pure Power Plant:


The Pure Power plant is also called PPP, with the relaxing effect ideal for social settings. If you enjoy smoking with your friends and high yields, PPP is a great option. You might be stuck on your sofa for hours, but the strain can be grown easily indoors and outdoors. Flowering will begin in eight to 10 weeks.

Wonder Woman:


The India effects of this amazing strain are strong, with large, dense buds. If cared for properly, expect to harvest 12 ounces from the buds of one plant. Wonder Woman has a reputation for a long-lasting buzz. The plant flowers in about nine to 11 weeks, and is stress-resilient.

Utopia Haze:


You might be surprised by the impressive height and fast growth of Utopia Haze. Once in the vegetative stage, this strain can easily outgrow its space in a single night. The potency of the Sativa-dominant hybrid includes a THC concentration as high as 22 percent. Utopia Haze offers the vivid high many of the users are craving.

Best Dispensary Strains

You can purchase the top strains legally at local dispensaries. You need to be aware the best strains are expensive. All three of the hybrids detailed below are worth every single penny.

Girl Scout Cookies:

girl scout cookies strain

Girl Scout Cookies was awarded the Cannabis Cup. Dispensaries sell out quickly due to the high demand. The strain has a high user rating because of the effects of full-body relaxation and euphoria. Cultivation requires nine to 10 weeks prior to flowering. Girl Scout Cookies offers a low yield, and is often difficult to grow.

Blue Cheese:

blue cheese strain

Blue Cheese is an incredibly popular strain for numerous reasons. The plant is remarkable, producing dense buds despite the environment. The strain offers decent CBD, extremely high levels of THC, and is very potent. The high is ultra-relaxing, leaving the users stoned.

LA Confidential:


LA Confidential is a hybrid, and a very distinct strain. You will enjoy the piney and smooth aroma and taste. The reason this strain is exceptional is the mind-blowing effect. LA Confidential is excellent for coping with both insomnia and acute pain. Growers choose this plant for cultivation due to the qualities, and cannabis awards received. The plant is very potent, easily tended, grows quickly, and produces a large number of buds.

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The Different Qualities of Different Strains

The best way to achieve great marijuana growth is by beginning with the best possible strain. Using the best seeds makes a tremendous difference when you start cultivating cannabis. You should conduct some research to make certain you purchase the best strain for your needs. Each strain offers you a different genetic quality. Some strains grow quickly, offer dense buds, have a high THC level, or grow well in a tougher environment.

high quality marijuana seeds

As a grower, you need to find the strain best matching your preferences. This will help eliminate any disappointment because you will already know what the plant is capable of. Take a good look at all of the options currently available. Once you have selected your strain, you can be confident all of your efforts will be rewarded once harvest time arrives.

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