California Dream Feminized

California Dream Feminized Seeds


Are you interested in a high so good even experienced smokers call top shelf? You are going to love the herb grown from California Dream seeds! These seeds pump out big buds with a 70% indica and 30% sativa blend so drenched in resin just seeing them can lead to a contact high (okay not really…but still).

This top-shelf experience comes from Mandala Seeds. They bred it as a hybrid mixing Afghani and Mexican strains where once completed, the seeds were sent to Holland to be feminized.

Price: $149

California Dream Feminized Strain

Plant Type California Dream Feminized
Climate Indoors | Steppe | Mediterranean | Mold Resistant
Plant Height Average
Average Yield 21 oz per 3x3ft
Flowering Period 9 weeks
THC Up to 24%

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