CBD Seeds

CBD Seeds

High CBD cannabis strains are the foundation of the medicinal marijuana world.

CBD seeds are growing in popularity for a reason. Since seeds can produce many therapeutic benefits for both the mind and body, many people choose to grow their own strains of CBD. Depending on the desired effect from CBD, different strains can impact the body in a variety of ways. To guarantee high CBD content with low THC, growing seeds is often preferred.

What Is A High-CBD Strain?

CBD Seeds

High CBD seeds can benefit several conditions. Unlike THC, CBD is not known to cause anxiety. For those who are prone to paranoia or anxiety, CBD is usually favored over THC. 

3 Popular CBD Strains

1.) Charlotte’s Web is a relatively well-known high-CBD strain that was discovered to treat seizures for Dravet syndrome. Commonly considered to be a variation of hemp, the CBD content is roughly 17% with only trace amounts of THC. This particular strain has a sweet flavor and an oaky scent.

2.) Harlequin is another high-CBD strain. This strain originates from Thai sativa and Nepali indica. Depending on the exact strain, its CBD content ranges from 8 to 16% while also allowing for low levels of THC. Because THC is kept at a low percentage, this is particularly beneficial for anxiety.

3.) Harle-Tsu was originally cultivated in California. This CBD flower was awarded first place at the 2014 Emerald Cup for its high-CBD content. At 21% CBD content, the THC levels were less than 1 percent making it an obvious first choice. Since the effects of THC are almost non-existent, it is usually used for its relaxation purposes.

There are many types of cannabis seeds available for growing different strains. Autoflower Kush CBD Fem is a gentle strain that many people enjoy for its moderate psychedelic effects. Autoflower Widow CBD is a hybrid that is slightly less high in CBD content. Depending on personal preference, there are a range of potency and CBD percentages for the right experience.

How To Properly Store Seeds

Most cannabis seeds can be stored the same way. This makes it easy for those who are looking to grow multiple types of CBD strains at one time. Having the proper climate for these seeds will help create healthy plants that will last over long periods of time.

Cannabis seeds should be kept away from direct sunlight. This does not mean they have to be stored in absolute darkness, but a shady location or closet is best. The temperature should be cool and dry without extreme humidity or vapor. For optimal storage, seeds should be stored inside a jar or cloth bag instead of left loose or out in the open. If the goal is to plant high CBD seeds only a month or two after storage, a grip-seal or zip-lock bag in the refrigerator will work just fine.

By properly storing seeds, they can be used right away or after many years. High grade plants can be cultivated with seeds that are up to ten years old if the seeds are well-maintained for future use.

Tips For Growing CBD Seeds

Although there are many different ways to grow CBD, a few tips are commonly used for healthy plants.

  • Don’t over-water. Watering should be done on a regular basis, but not so often that it leaves puddles or pools around the soil. Using too much water can harm the plant and stunt its growth.
  • Test CBD levels 4 weeks after a seedling emerges. Testing CBD levels is not always necessary especially if you buy seeds from a professional business. For seeds that are purchased from unknown sources or given as a gift, testing is most accurate after 3 weeks.
  • Be patient. High CBD seeds for sale typically flower in approximately 8 weeks.

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Why Grow CBD Cannabis Seeds?

Growing CBD can help control the experience of its benefits. Depending on why CBD is used, different strains may have a more desired impact than others. By testing out different CBD strains, the grower can decide which CBD percentage feels right for them.

Many people enjoy cultivating their own CBD strains or mixing different types to create the perfect blend. For those who use CBD for medical reasons, a low THC content coupled with a higher CBD percentage is usually preferred. Relaxation can also occur depending on which strain works best for the individual.

Featured CBD Strains

Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web is a Sativa-dominant that was initially bred for higher levels of CBD. It became the focus of a nationwide effort to make medical marijuana legally accessible.

Harlequin Strain


Harlequin is a special strain for many reasons. A diverse parentage, this hybrid has the best of all worlds, not to mention its solid CBD levels and ability to cure many pain conditions.


Harle-Tsu is an Indica-dominant cannabis that traces its origin from two strains called Harlequin and Sour Tsunami. It makes the user feel relaxed and happy