Crystal Cannabis Seeds

Crystal strain

Crystal marijuana strain is a slightly indica dominant hybrid that is the perfect blend of a cerebral high with sedating body effects. Crystal is a combination of two different strains, Northern lights and white widow strains, both popular among cannabis users. 

The effects of this strain are not noticeable at first, but instead is a slow, rewarding burn for patient smokers. Crystal weed is the perfect strain for relaxing nights with plenty of junk food to indulge on. 

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Crystal Strain

Plant Type Crystal
Cultivation Indoors | Outdoors
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 15 oz per 3x3ft
Flowering Period 10 weeks
THC Up to 25%

Crystal is a hybrid strain that is the perfect balance between a cerebral high and a relaxing body effect that works to slowly sedate. This 60% Indica / 40% Sativa strain is pretty darn potent with THC levels of up to 25%. Due to the strength of this strain, it’s not recommended for newbie cannabis consumers and is more suited to cannabis connoisseurs and advanced consumers.

This strain is great if you suffer from muscle or joint aches and it can also work to reduce inflammation. Users of this strain can also consume it to help alleviate the symptoms of anxiety, depression and even bust stress after those tough days at work.

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