Feminized Marijuana Seeds Aussie

Feminized Seeds Australia

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush Strain

Banana Kush has the traditional sweet skunky taste and due to its heavy-bodied effects is a…

Blue dream weed strain

Blue Dream Cannabis Seeds

Blue Dream strain is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is considered quite a legend in its native…

Blueberry strain

Blueberry CBD

This is a potent CBD strain that provides an elated-mellow high. Since it’s low in THC…

Bruce Banner Strain

Bruce Banner Feminized Cannabis Seeds

This weed Hulk is one of the best strains available readily on the market today…

Chronic Widow Strain

Buy Chronic Widow Cannabis Seeds

Chronic Widow strain is an Indica dominant strain known for it’s sweet-spicy taste and earthy fragrance…

Gelato Strain

Buy Gelato Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Gelato is known for its flavor and aroma. This crossover between two cannabis weeds that was…

Carmagnola CBD

Buy Carmagnola CBD Seeds

There aren’t many better ways to enjoy a potent CBD strain than Carmagnola

Critical Mass CBD seeds

Critical Mass CBD Seeds

Unlike its cousin Critical Mass CBD, Critical Mass has an extremely potent THC content and high CBD levels…

Critical Mass CBD Autoflower

Critical Mass CBD Auto

If you’re looking for a healthy strong bud, you can’t go wrong with Critical Mass Autoflower…

Crystal strain


Crystal marijuana strain is a slightly indica dominant hybrid that is the perfect blend of a cerebral high…

Durban Poison Strain

Durban Poison Cannabis Seeds

Durban Poison strain is perfect for an intense, uplifting boost that is sure to keep you powered during a…

CBD Kush Autoflower

CBD Kush

CBD Kush is mostly Indica (80%). It contains less than .2% THC, so there aren’t any psychoactive effects…

Jack Herer strain

Jack Herer

Jack Herer strain, named famously after the marijuana activist Jack Herer, has been known by many…

gold leaf strain

Buy Gold Leaf Cannabis Seeds

Robert Bergman of ILGM developed Gold Leaf seeds to be easy to grow with a powerful effect…

Gorilla Glue Strain

Gorilla Glue Cannabis Seeds

Gorilla Glue strain from ILGM is a perfect grow for both beginners and experts alike. This strain is renowned…

grand daddy purple

Granddaddy Purple Cannabis Seeds

Grand Daddy Purple is a heavy-hitter 100% Indica strain that can take you from chilled out to couchlock…

green crack strain

Buy Green Crack Cannabis Seeds

Green Crack strain was famously given its name by hip hop legend and marijuana expert Snoop Dog…

girl scout cookies strain

Buy Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Girl Scout Cookies strain is an OG Kush and Durban Poison hybrid cross whose popularity has become…

Kush CBD Auto

Kush CBD Auto

This beautiful CBD plant is a perfect 50/50 hybrid that is great for indoor and outdoor growing…

White Widow strain

White Widow CBD

The world-famous White Widow CBD strain also has a powerful CBD variation. This bud is so high in demand…

OG Kush Strain


OG Kush CBD reigns supreme as one of the best Indica dominant CBD strains in the world. There’s no doubt…

Pure Indica strain

Pure Indica

Pure Indica strain is exactly how it sounds, this strain is 100% Indica and delivers an uplifting relaxing high…

Strawberry Cough strain

Strawberry Cough

Strawberry Cough strain is perfect for marijuana users with a love for strawberries! This strain…

Strawberry Kush CBD

Strawberry Kush CBD

Say hello to one of the most beautiful buds on the market. Strawberry Kush CBD is an Indica dominant..

Train Wreck Strain

Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds

Train Wreck is a super potent strain with THC levels topping 21%, packing a hit described as being “hit by a freight train”….

Northern Light Strain

Buy Northern Lights Cannabis Seeds

Northern Lights Strain has become one of the most popular strains throughout the years and is a…

white widow strain

White Widow CBD Auto

The infamous White Widow CBD Auto never seems to disappoint. No matter where you are in the world, there…