Guide To Growing Weed In Winter Australia

Growing cannabis during an Australian winter is possible provided your indoor growing operation is maintained under the right conditions. Understanding even indoor cannabis is affected by the elements is important. Issues with light and humidity can result from the dry, crisp air and decreasing temperatures. To be successful, your crops will require a little more care and attention. Once you understand what to do, you can grow cannabis in Australia all year long. Visit Iove Growing Marijuana now for more details.

Maintaining the Temperature in Winter Grow Rooms

One of the most critical concerns when growing cannabis in Australia during the winter is the temperature

The optimal temperature for daytime is between 75 and 86 degrees Fahrenheit or 24 to 30 degrees Celcius, and 64 to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 18 to 22 degrees Celcius at night.

Temperatures outside of this range need to be avoided while making certain there are no huge temperature discrepancies between day and night. The inconsistent temperature will severely impact your growth rate.

If there is a large discrepancy during the first two to three weeks of your flowering period, the result is widely-spaced internodes. This space can also be decreased by ensuring the discrepancy remains small. During the first two to three weeks of this phase, your temperature gap should not exceed 3.6 to 7.2 degrees Fahrenheit or two to four degrees Celcius, For the remainder of your flowering period, do not exceed a gap of 18 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celcius.

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Growing cannabis during winters in Australia is easier now due to high-intensity discharge or HID lighting because so much heat is emitted through this technology. This can ensure your grow room remains at optimal temperatures. You must consider the drop in temperature when you turn off the lights. The recommendation is keeping your lights off during the day, then turning them on for the night. This way, you can use the warmer daytime temperatures to your advantage.

Daytime temperatures in Australia are often not high enough to ensure optimal temperatures at night. If your temperature is consistently too low after you turn off the lights, you can maintain the temperature with an electric heater or central heating. You can control the temperature automatically by using a digital thermostat. If you are using cold lights, you may require heaters 24/7.

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Controlling Winter Humidity

One of the most major dangers to your cannabis during the winter in mold. This is because relative humidity or RH often increases due to low temperatures creating dangers for cannabis plants including the development of fungi and mold. As the temperature decreases, condensation is triggered by the water volume found in the air creating a breeding ground for mold. You can prevent most issues with optimum temperatures. If the issue is difficult to contain, a dehumidifier may be necessary.

You should consider purchasing a hygrometer. This device allows testing of the RH of your grow room and soil. Testing on a regular basis is the best way to remain aware of any large drops or spikes in the water concentration in your air. Winters in Australia are generally extremely dry and cold. If you do not keep your RH under control, you will have issues in your grow room. If you heat the air from outside without adding more moisture, your RH level will drop too low for the growth of healthy plants.

You can increase the water vapor levels in the air in your grow room with a combination of transpiration and a moist growing medium. You need to ensure your RH consistently stays between 40 and 60 percent.

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Other Considerations for Growing Cannabis During the Winter

The main concerns for growing cannabis during the winter are humidity and temperature. The majority of growers do not have any issues with lighting due to HID lights. If you prefer growing plants with natural sunlight, the number of sunlight hours and the intensity of the sun may not be enough to achieve growth. The specifics of winter will vary depending on which part of Australia you are in. You may need to use additional lighting during the winter to make certain there is enough light for growth.

Adhering to this principle will enable you to grow a steady supply despite the harshness of the winter. Remember, you will be unable to grow the same quality possible during other times of the year. During the winter, plants grown in greenhouses are impacted by the decrease in daylight hours. Unfortunately, you can attract unwanted attention with extra lighting. You can use supplementary lighting by ensuring your greenhouse is covered.

This will prevent the escape of any light during the darkness hours. A great option is Mylar sheeting or heavy, thick blackout curtains. You can then adequately heat your greenhouse, ensure good airflow and continue growing throughout the winter months.

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Strains Appropriate for Winter

You already know how tempting it is to continue growing your favorite strains despite the winter. The problem is these strains are not appropriate at this time. You can eliminate a lot of the difficulties in growing cannabis during an Australian winter by choosing the appropriate strains. A good example is auto-flowering strains. Your cannabis plants are often ready to harvest just eight weeks after your seeds have germinated.

This enables you to avoid growing during the harshest winter months to maximize your opportunity for growth. Choosing a strain containing ruderalis genes will increase your chances of surviving the winter. In comparison to the common strains, ruderalis is hardier, tougher and not photoperiod dependant. This means flowering will occur when your plants are ready as opposed to during changes in daylight hours. Once planted, your plants can bloom in as little as 30 days.

You will need to plan in advance to successfully grow throughout the winter. This does not mean it is impossible. Once you have grown cannabis for a few winters, the process will become second nature. For more tips and advice, visit our growing cannabis blog now.

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