Harlequin Feminized

Harlequin Feminized Seeds


Harlequin is a sativa dominant hybrid that offers both the best sativa and indica qualities. The lineage of these Harlequin seeds is diverse – gaining its characteristics from four different strains, as well as a really high CBD level. This makes it a very popular strain for treating various pain conditions, as well as other conditions and disorders.

Being 20% indica and 80% sativa, this hybrid is very popular in both recreational and medical marijuana communities. With its reasonably high CBD levels, this low thc weed strain delivers very effective medicinal uses. This is one of the reasons it comes so highly recommended by medical cannabis dispensaries and medical professionals.

Price: $119

Harlequin Feminized Strain

Plant Type Harlequin Feminized
Climate Indoors | Temperate | Continental
Plant Height Large
Average Yield 14 to 17 ounce per 3x3ft
Flowering Period 8 to 9 weeks
THC Up to 7%

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