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ILoveGrowingMarijuana, ILGM for short, is an online cannabis seed distributor by Robert Bergman. Only two kinds of seeds make it to the sales list here; automatic seeds, great for year-round grows, and feminized seeds, which guarantees a crop from pollination. Whatever your seeds preference, ILGM has them available and there are ILGM discount codes.

ILGM sells high and low THC strains, CBD strains, hybrid strains, and more. New to growing? Check out the extensive growing guides available for newbies. Ready to buy top quality seeds? Grab an ILGM discount code to snatch up your savings.

high quality seed discounts

Why Shop With ILGM?

  • One of the best seed banks in the industry
  • Fast delivery
  • Offers guides on growing marijuana
  • Privacy and discretion guaranteed
  • Multiple payment options, including bank transfer, credit card, and bitcoin
  • Packs for newbies to begin their grow
  • Money-saving coupon codes produce big savings on every seeds purchase

I Love Growing Marijuana Products for Perfect Grows

Both novice growers and newcomers find seeds perfect for their needs at ILGM. But, that’s only the beginning of marijuana-growing goodies available from ILGM.

The same coupon codes available for seeds purchases also help cut costs of additional grow product purchases. Check out the deals and start growing marijuana at home with all the right stuff.

Feminized Seeds Guarantee Crops

ILGM sells feminized marijuana seeds. These seeds grow delicious buds every single time. It is challenging to prune out male flowers when growing marijuana.

A large number of male flowers will cause poor quality and yields of bud. ILGM ensures this problem never affects your grow. Starting at a cost under $60, feminized seeds sold by ILGM produce the resinous buds you want.

The already low cost of seeds sinks lower when using a coupon code with the purchase.

Autoflower Seeds

Also called auto-flowering seeds, they flower after a specific period and don’t depend on a light cycle. This option helps new growers produce excellent yields with even their first crop.

The seeds work great for growers in less than ideal climates and growing environments as well. Autoflowering seeds can produce two harvests in a single summer. Grown indoors, auto-flowering seeds fully mature in as little as 10-weeks. The resistant seeds are frost-resistant, pest-resistant, and mold-resistant!

AK-47 Automatic Seeds Prices:

  • 3 Seeds: $69.00
  • 10 Seeds: $109.00
  • 20 Seeds: 169.00
3 Seeds$69.00
10 Seeds$109.00
20 Seeds$169.00
Seed Prices

Other automatic seed types include Jack Herer, Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, and Bubblegum Cheese. Take an ILGM coupon code for an average savings of $5!

Seeds for First-Time Grows

The I Love Growing Marijuana seed pack for first-time growers provides newcomers the best seeds available. The seeds harvest quickly and produce robust, massive harvests. All newcomer pack seeds are mold-resistant. Anyone growing marijuana for the first time or those looking to do something different in their grow appreciates the first-time grower’s seeds packs.

The complete package contains:

  • 20 White Widow Automatic feminized seeds
  • Bergman’s Marijuana Plant Food Fertilizer
  • Bergman’s Marijuana Plant Protector

The newbie kit sells for $189, which is an unbelievable deal. Right now the kit is on sale for $159. Plus, the discounts available when using a coupon code continue cutting the costs. What a deal!

High CBD Organic Seeds

High CBD strains are best for medicinal use. ILGM has many specific strains that have high CBD percentages for best medicinal relief for patients that use marijuana as their treatment option. Most CBD strains are organically grown to prevent the introduction of toxins into the plant.

ILGM Mix packs for Your Mix and Match marijuana Needs

Mix packs solve indecisiveness. Purchase a mix pack and get several types of marijuana seed strains. With mixpacks, you get great variety so you can sample several varieties. You’ll find strains like Northern Lights, Blueberry, Amnesia Haze, and Pineapple Haze, depending on the variety pack chosen.

Fertilizers Nourish Marijuana Plants

Fertilizers give your cannabis seeds nutrients that protect them and keep them healthy. Sort through the different ILGM fertilizer products available. Options come in all price ranges. You can also find fertilizer in grow packs. Remember, save money on fertilizers by using an ILGM coupon code.

ILGM Benefits

  • Discreet shipping
  • Free shipping in the US and Europe
  • Germination guarantee. If seeds do not germinate, return them for fresh seeds
  • $5 coupon for the first purchase
  • Additional coupon codes available
  • Perfect seeds for beginner growers
  • VIP program for frequent buyers

ILGM Advantages

US residents looking to grow marijuana can depend on ILGM for quality seeds. We’ve stated it time and time again in this review -ILGM has the best strains and best quality seeds, hands down. Strains you know and want, like Gorilla Glue, Purple Haze, and Girl Scout Cookies are on the menu.

Robert Bergman has many years in the cannabis seeds industry. He understands his customers and their unique needs. Great products, great service, and great prices are things that you can expect from Bergman and ILGM.

Whether you want high-THC strains or want medicinal strains, you’ll find the seeds at ILGM. Don’t forget the additional grow products available. Find a code on the right side of the page and place your seeds order today.

How to use an ILGM Coupon Code

Simply click on ‘Get Coupon‘ at the top right of the page. The page will open in a new window. The code is copied to your clipboard and you can begin shopping for your favorite cannabis seeds. Simply paste the code in the appropriate box during the checkout process. Your discount is applied automatically!

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