Trainwreck Cannabis Seeds

Train Wreck Strain

Train Wreck is a super potent strain with THC levels topping 21%, packing a hit described as being “hit by a freight train”. This popular northern California strain has a wonderful piney, spicy aroma mixed with sweet lemon. 

If you’re looking for a euphoric, creative high, train wreck is the strain for you! Many weed enthusiasts describe the effects of this strain as “mind bending” and is perfect for getting in tune with your creative side. 

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Trainwreck Strain

Plant Type Trainwreck
Cultivation Indoors | Outdoors
Plant Height Tall
Average Yield 18oz/ m2 - 25oz/ plant
Flowering Period 8-10 weeks
THC 12-21%

Trainwreck is a potent 65% Sativa dominant hybrid that is known for bringing about a steady incline in creativity that can be felt throughout the day. The potent effects of Sativa in this strain will hit you like a train so its best for beginner cannabis consumers to give this one a miss. This strain from California has a distinct smell of zesty lemon that leaves a sharp and fruity aftertaste in your mouth.

This strain can be used to relax your body but also keep your mind focused and feeling good. Mental stress, anxiety and depression can be crippling but Trainwreck can be consumed to help diminish the symptoms and promote positive mental health.

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