Where to Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds Australia

Buying cheap cannabis seeds seems like a no-brainer when you consider that recreational marijuana users routinely filter the seeds out and throw them away. However, legalisation, decriminalisation and medical marijuana usage have increased the demand and value of the seeds because more and more people grow marijuana at home.

Seed Quality Concerns

Cannabis seeds are expensive because of supply-and-demand forces and the complex process of quality control that ensures viable seeds get into growers’ hands. Marijuana seeds also come in different strains, and the better strains cost more. Advances in the seed industry make it possible to confirm popular strains scientifically.

Home-based pot growers also look for feminized and auto-flowering seeds to increase budding, plant yields and the THC content. However, there are also opportunities for fraud when suppliers sell regular seeds as special strains and types.

Low-cost seeds are more affordable, and many growers consider them perfectly suitable for their needs. Australian cannabis laws allow medicinal marijuana cultivation, and recreational marijuana was recently legalised in the capitol district. People in Canberra and medicinal marijuana users anywhere in Australia can cultivate up to two plants per person and a maximum of four plants per household.

On the basis of growing just two plants, concerns over seed prices aren’t a major factor because you just need a few seeds to cultivate two plants successfully. In other districts around the world, the price of seeds might be more significant for those who plan to cultivate large cannabis crops.

Many factors contribute to a relatively high cost of seeds, but pot growers can also find cheap marijuana seeds by following the strategies of smart shoppers everywhere – looking for discounts. Reputable and high-quality seeds and strains can be found cheaply if you shop around carefully and take advantage of specials, discounts and sales.

Tips for Finding Discount Marijuana Seeds

Low-cost seeds save money, but there are risks in buying them. These include weak THC content, seeds that don’t germinate and online fraud. Weak strains might provide only a minimal psychoactive effect for those who seek the “high” of marijuana.

Buying seeds for illegal cultivation generates risks. That’s why so many growers use savvy shopping skills to save money on regular seeds, bulk purchases and better quality strains. Part of your money-saving strategy involves using better growing practices, and the growing cannabis blog can provide useful cultivation tips. The following tips can help you save money when buying cheap cannabis seeds:

1. Look for Discounts and Promotional Offers

Pot seeds sell the same way that other products do. That means suppliers experience all the ups and downs of online business, such as overstocked inventory, slowdowns caused by a sluggish economy and pressure from competitors. Most seed banks periodically offer discounts, and these promos usually include lower prices for better strains to encourage growers to upgrade their seed stock.

2. Shop and Compare Prices at Online Seed Banks

Like any business, cannabis seed banks undercut the prices of their competitors and offer discounts for larger orders. However, the biggest advantage of buying from seed banks is privacy. You don’t have to risk friends, neighbours and co-workers seeing you at the local marijuana seed bank.

You can compare prices and order your seeds anonymously. Multiple shipping options allow you to pinpoint the delivery date and time with great precision. Online variety enables you to buy any strain from any store – regardless of its location. However, you can need to confirm that the seed banks ship to Australia or any country where you live and plan to grow pot.

3. Take Advantage of Free Seed Offers

Seed banks occasionally offer free cannabis seeds to promote a new strain, increase their customer prospect lists or provide incentives for buying a seed product. Some companies might offer a few seed varieties as an incentive or a buy-one-get-one-free offer.

It’s important to do some research to find out whether the offer is legitimate. There might be additional requirements or a Gordian knot of red tape. Make sure that the offer of free seeds applies to the seeds that you want to try. You should also confirm that you qualify to participate. If you don’t know what kind of free seeds you’re getting, exercise caution when growing and using the marijuana.

4. Choose Companies that Offer Free Shipping or Free Deliveries

One of the biggest reasons that online seeds are expensive is because of increasingly high shipping costs. If you order from an international company, the shipping costs of a small seed order could rival the cost of the seeds. Many companies offer free shipping on larger orders or free delivery if the seed bank is located nearby.

You can also choose a standard delivery option to save money, but most marijuana growers prefer faster deliveries with a guaranteed delivery date and time. The more expensive shipping options offer better protection of your order, insurance options, stronger packaging and even stealth delivery options.

5. Use Stealth Delivery Options

Stealth delivery options are commonly offered by online seed banks to ensure that the product gets to you without being intercepted or identified by nosy neighbours. The process involves inserting the seeds in their original packages into another package – such as a DVD case that’s sealed for additional security. Stealth deliveries contain no promotional material, invoices or content that can be used to identify the seeds.

6. Bulk Orders Provide Great deals on Pot Seeds

Ordering your seeds in bulk quantities greatly reduces the price per seed, and it’s one of the most efficient ways to order. Your shipping costs are reduced because you only order once instead of several times, and you might qualify for free shipping with a larger order.

7. Save the Seeds from Killer Weed

Ideally, you won’t need to keep buying seeds if you’re happy with the strain, but most marijuana users prefer to try other types. Growing pot automatically replenishes your seed supply. You can also harvest cannabis seeds from good-quality recreational pot that you buy. Although these seeds seldom work as well as carefully prepared seeds for cultivation, they are your cheapest supply option.

8. Grow Your Own Cheap Weed Seeds

Growing your own seeds is the most sustainable and cheapest option for replenishing your supply. It’s easy to grow seeds or harvest them from your marijuana crop. If you grow more than you need, you can sell them to other growers or give them away to friends.

9. Choose Regular Pot Seeds to Save Money

Ordering “everyday” pot seeds is a great way to save money. Regular marijuana is classic, and most growers don’t need the fancy varieties or advanced growing techniques to grow a few plants for personal use.

Many experienced growers prefer regular marijuana because the plants are easier to cultivate. Special strains are more expensive because they include feminized and auto-flowering plants. Hands-on growers don’t mind monitoring their plants more closely to protect them, determine the gender of the plants and weed the weed for optimal yields.

10. Store Extra Seeds Safely Up to Five Years

Saving money on bulk purchases can backfire if you don’t use the cannabis seeds within five years. There’s also the prospect of using your own seeds after the first year of growing weed at home.

Properly stored marijuana seeds keep well up to five years after your harvest date. For best results, store your seeds away from light, extreme fluctuations of temperature and moisture, which cause seeds to sprout prematurely. Cool, dark places are ideal for cannabis seed storage.

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Get Cheap Cannabis Seeds at Brick-and-mortar Stores

Many marijuana growers don’t particularly care about whether they’re seen at a cannabis seed bank, and cheap seeds are available at brick-and-mortar locations. People around the world are finding it easier to buy medical marijuana and seeds from local dispensaries and seed banks.

You can save at local stores, but you won’t have as many sellers from which to choose as you do online. Practical ways to save money when buying cheap cannabis seeds locally include:

Look for Sales and Seasonal Events

Cheap cannabis seeds are even cheaper during special sales events held throughout the year in most areas where cannabis seed sales are legal. Depending on where you live and its climate, sales are often held throughout the winter months and early spring through April 20.

April 20 is the date of a holiday that celebrates marijuana use for recreational and medicinal purposes. [1] Rallies to celebrate legalisation or promote it are held all over the world. Sales of cheap cannabis seeds and sample packets of seeds from different strains are common throughout April up until April 20.

Other seasonal sales events are held in Las Vegas, Colorado, Canada and other worldwide locations. In Las Vegas, the seed banks offer discounts on Fridays and weekends. Specials are held periodically to promote different strains – such as Sativa Wednesdays and Indica Fridays.

Check for the Dates of Special Deals and Discounts

Special deals on pot seeds are common worldwide, and the seed banks in Canada and the United States offer discounts on cannabis seeds for students, teachers and medicinal users. Deals are also available everywhere for buying Landrace strains, feminized strains and auto-flowering strains.

Buy Cheap Cannabis Seeds in Bulk

Bulk seed orders save money on the price per seed, but you should exercise caution. Bulk seeds could be old and near their five-year expiration date, so check the harvest date. Visiting a seed bank allows you to inspect the seeds. Look for hard seeds with a dark, glossy colour with white specs.

Choose Cheaper Varieties of Marijuana Seeds

Seeds from regular plants are cheaper than those of exotic strains. Exotic strains also feature auto-flowering and feminized seeds that are more expensive.

Get to Know the Seed Bank Manager or Owner

Like any business, seed banks are run by real people who often provide discounts for regular customers and people whom they like. Developing a friendly relationship with the owner/manager can generate many benefits that include discounts, free samples and expert growing advice.

The Canadian Advantage for Global Pot Growers

Ordering cannabis seeds from Canadian seed banks is a good alternative for many growers because the prices tend to be cheaper for better quality seeds. Both medical and recreational marijuana are legal in Canada, so there are more seed banks and lower prices. Canada has moved quickly to claim a large share of the cannabis market, and many studies and comparisons rank Canada’s seeds as more affordable. [2]

Australians might find any price advantage of ordering pot seeds from Canada a wash when ordering in small quantities, however. Shipping seeds from Canada to Australia, for example, increases shipping costs over domestic Australian shipping. The same applies to ordering from other global locations where increased shipping costs negate any price advantage.

The Benefits of Growing Your Own Marijuana

Most amateur pot growers can expect a learning curve. Depending on where you live, you might prefer to investigate using hydroponics to grow cannabis. The startup costs of growing your own marijuana can be steep, but growing pot doesn’t have to be expensive – especially if you’re just growing a couple of plants for personal use.

If you’re attempting to grow a larger crop, try to keep your costs down while you learn the ins and outs marijuana cultivation. About 50 percent of your seeds won’t germinate or survive to grow into adult plants with buds. You should factor the failure rate into your budget and plans. Finding cheap cannabis seeds can go a long way toward growing a successful and affordable crop.

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